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By becoming an Affiliate, you can earn a commission while spreading light around the world. 


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Here's how it works:

  1. APPLY - Fill out the Application Form below. Since we want to make sure our programs are only associated with positive people and organizations, we will do a quick review of your website and/or marketing channels. Since the tracking happens electronically, you must have a website to participate.
  2. ACCESS PORTAL - Once you are accepted as a New Affiliate, you will receive a Signup Link and Welcome Email with Login information for your Affiliate Portal allowing you to access your Public Share Links. 
  3. ADD LINKS - Simply add the Share Link to your website and marketing channels. These Share Links install a cookie onto prospective customer's browsers for 30 days or until the cache is cleared. The installed cookie allows our Affiliate Marketing System to track views and conversions on our site to automatically calculate and credit your Affiliate commission. 
  4. TELL PEOPLE -  Now simply share the link. Begin marketing the Course Offers with the generated Share Links through your various marketing channels. 
  5. GET PAID - When someone purchases through your Share Link, you are credited with a 15% commission of that sale. As long as the purchase is made within 30 days on the same browser the Share Link was clicked, you will be credited with the transaction. For example, if someone purchases a course at $397.00 through your Share Link, you will earn $59.55 as an Affiliate. If ten people purchase at that price, you will earn $595.55. That's nice incremental income. It's that easy! You will get paid electronically (e.g. via Paypal) once a month. 
  6. TRACK RESULTS - In the Affiliate Portal, you can view your Stats, manage your Settings and export your Purchase Summary Report. The tracking is done automatically through our course platform. 

Join us in spreading light and earn while doing it. It's a win-win for all. As we continue to roll out Power Living courses, you will have the option to earn even more. Let's grow together as conscious entrepreneurs and organizations.

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