The Power of TUNING IN

Oct 11, 2020

If you've taken any of my programs you know that I like to begin with a Tuning In - a few moments to tune into breath, mind and body. It's our transition from the outside world in so we can be fully present. 

When I was Chair of the Board of Yoga Alliance - the entity that sets standards for yoga teaching in the U.S. - I started our board meetings with a tuning in. Even though the board was made up of yoga teachers from various traditions, it still was a novel way to start an organizational meeting at that time. We alternated who led the Tuning In so we could experience everyone's styles. 

Now that the world has caught up and mindfulness has gone mainstream, I highly recommend adding a Tuning In to the beginning of your meetings. It will give everyone a chance to pause and connect with themselves and those in the room. I guarantee the energy and outcome of the meeting will benefit! 

With Purpose & Power,


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