What do you really want in your life?

Do you have the CLARITY and ENERGY to fulfill your DESTINY?

Are you ready for full alignment?

Join us for A Course In Power Living®

with mind-body expert Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy

Mindfulness-based system for personal transformation & wellbeing from May 5 - June 23, 2024


Align your life spiritually, mentally, physically,  emotionally and environmentally 


What do you really want in your life?  Do you have the clarity and energy to fulfill your destiny?  Are you ready for full alignment?  A Course in Power Living® is a mindfulness-based system of personal transformation and wellbeing that will deepen your practice of living on purpose, lay the groundwork for fundamental wellbeing, and align your life spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and environmentally.  During the program, you will:

  • Dive into the five dimensions important for a fulfilled life.
  • Develop a Reflective Practice to build self-awareness and strengthen your intuitive wisdom.
  • Create a vision for your life based on self-inquiry, worksheets, visualization and journaling.
  • Practice mindfulness techniques to be present and hone the skill of "noticing" your own habits.
  • Learn about self-care and conscious living so you are more informed to make small tweeks to how you think, eat, sleep and show up in the world.
  • Clear obstacles in your mind, body and surroundings.
  • Construct a personal action plan for ongoing alignment and growth.

At the end of the course, you will be equipped to step into your full power.  In 2006, we launched the very first LIVE program based on Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy's book, 40 Days to Power Living: Think, Eat & Live on Purpose. It was with 100 people at the famous Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem.  The pastor's wife, Patricia Butts, led the health ministry and wanted a program for Lent focused on mind, body and spirit.  It was groundbreaking for the time and very well received. 

Since then, we've guided thousands of people from all walks of life through this program via in-person coaching and workshops. However, this is the first time it is fully digital with live virtual sessions, extensive video-based modules and an online community.  The live sessions will be held on Sundays from 6:30pm - 8pm EST beginning May 5, 2024 through June 16, 2024. We decided to meet on Sundays to set a positive tone for your week.  Then, there will be a three-day virtual retreat from Friday, June 21 - Sunday, June 23, 2024, with a live session each day along with pre-recorded practices. Replays will be available within 48 hours.  This may be the only time we offer this many LIVE sessions, so take advantage of the high level of support.


1: May 5, 2024 - Overview
2: May 12, 2024 - Module 1
3. May 19, 2024 - Module 2
4. May 26, 2024 - Module 3
5: June 2, 2024 - Module 4

6: June 9, 2024 - Module 5
7. June 16, 2024 - Module 6
8. June 21, 2024 - Retreat Day 1
9: June 22, 2024 - Retreat Day 2
10: June 23, 2024 - Retreat Day 3

This is an accelerated program giving you the framework and tools to make small changes every day throughout the program.  Join us for the LIVE virtual kickoff and then benefit from the program for a lifetime.  It's time to live in FLOW - Freedom, Love, Oneness and Wisdom.


On a practical level, Power Living is knowing who you are and what you value and organizing your entire life around it--what you do for work, who you choose to love, when and what you eat, how you communicate to yourself and others. On a deeper level, it is building a consistent practice of mindfulness in action allowing you to increase self-awareness and approach life on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally. The Five Principles of Power Living, along with the contemplative practices, will guide you. Isn't it time to live a purposeful and powerful life?


Transformation is an integrated journey of mind, body and spirit...


You don't have clear direction in terms of your strengths, heart's desire, and Purpose.


You have clarity of vision but don't have the energy to take consistent action. 


You get off to a strong start in taking action and then get stuck or lose faith.


Every day we are gifted 86,400 seconds.  How are you investing your energy?   Are you prioritizing what matters?  The secret to fulfillment is knowing WHO you are and BEING who you are right here and NOW.  Ask yourself:

  • Does my life feel "off"?
  • Am I living on automatic pilot?
  • Are my habits holding me back?
  • Am I leaving my gifts unexpressed?
  • Am I caught up fulfilling other people's dreams?
  • Do I want to transform my circumstances but don't know where to begin?
  • Do I know what I want but don't have the energy or belief to go for it?
  • Do I want to reach higher levels of alignment and gratification?

If you answered "Yes" to any of those questions, this program is for you.  If you feel stuck in any way or simply want to power up your life, then this course is for you.  Don't die with your music still inside.  It's time to play full out and let your soul sing.





Just for the digital launch, you'll be guided directly by Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy every week in seven 90-minute LIVE virtual sessions In each live session, you'll receive an overview of key concepts, learn the new contemplative practice to complement the core principle, and have the ability to interact with others, share your experiences, and ask questions.  Then, you will have time on your own to review the short video lessons, do the Reality Check exercises, and integrate the principles into your daily life.  At the end, you will participate in a three-day Power Up Your Dreams virtual retreat which will guide you in creating a personal action plan.  




We'll start with an overview of the Five Principles of Power Living and core concepts.  You'll go through a Taking Stock process to determine your starting point and goals for the program, as well as establish the daily Reflective Practice.


In this module, you'll tap into your Highest Self through visualization and delve deeper into your own values, beliefs and gifts.  The process will help align your spiritual energy to be fully Present and on Purpose. We'll hone in on your Motivating Why and apply the Japanese ikigai framework to determine your life's work.  


In this module, you'll check your thoughts and language, address any limiting beliefs and issues like imposter syndrome, as well as discuss what it means to have a growth mindset.  We'll practice a meditation to cultivate a positive quality of mind and learn the "I AM" Manifestation Equation.  The process will help you learn how to focus your mental energy on the good to spur inspiration and positive manifestation.  


In this module, you'll practice a meditation to tune into the body's wisdom and learn more about the mind-body connection.  You'll also learn the fundamentals of maximizing your physical energy for peak performance and optimum health, from food, exercise and sleep to foundation breath techniques.  You'll learn the 7 Rules of Power Eating and delve into some of the sample recipes.



In this module, you'll practice a meditation to train your compassion "muscle" and practice leading with your heart. The lessons focus on how to engage your emotional energy to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and build intimate connections, steady joy and strong faith in your path. You'll also learn the Four Stages of Change and strategies to address each stage.


In this module, you'll practice a meditation focused on simplicity and having enough, You will define your "essentials" and explore the concept of specificity. The process will help you learn what is enough and how to detoxify your environmental energy to sustain your flow and support your vision. This has to do with everything in your physical environment, including your space, people and finances.


In our final module, you'll practice a meditation to integrate the principles. You will also re-assess where you are, plan for the future, and claim your victory. At this point, you'll have a solid foundation for Power Living and can determine how you want to continue the practice on a consistent basis.


In our Power Up Your Dreams Virtual Retreat, you'll do some yoga and breath techniques to get you primed and then take what you outlined in Module 6 and turn it into a personal action plan to guide your next steps. We'll also celebrate your wins and do a special closing meditation.



41 Video Lessons

Learn from 41 short video lessons to deepen your knowledge of wellness and conscious living, and inspire your transformation.


Apply the principles in daily Reality Check exercises outlined in the e-workbooks to build self-awareness.

Other Resources

Explore the wellness and conscious living concepts with plant-based recipes,  frameworks and lifestyle tips.



In addition to the live sessions, you'll be able to practice with pre-recorded video and audio meditations based on each module.


Benefit from a set of breathing exercises to control the nervous system, including a specialized Morning Activation.

Yoga for Energy

To help you sweat, stretch and strengthen (in Honor Your Body), you'll be able to practice with the Yoga for Energy flow. 


Receive a Certificate of Completion after the successful submission of the module assessments and the final reflection.  This will serve as: 

  • Personal satisfaction for completion
  • Display to others of your commitment to self-development
  • Prerequisite for upcoming Power Living® programs, including the Embodied Success® Coach Training Program.  

Meet Your Teacher


Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy, Ph.D., MBA, RYT, CHHC

What do you get when you cross a Harvard MBA, Master Coach and Mind-Body Expert? Quite a bit of Yin-Yang! Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy is redefining how to succeed at work and thrive in life.  For over 20 years, she has been training people around the world in her “whole-person” approach to wellness, leadership and success, tapping into her unique multi-disciplinary background and real-world experience as a Harvard Business School-trained strategist, C-suite advisor, media and technology pioneer, entrepreneur, executive coach, holistic health counselor and yoga/meditation teacher. She understands the journey of the high-performing professional and has personally experienced it all… from success to near death to exponential transformation.  After leaving a successful media career, she founded the first yoga studio in Harlem in 2002, and has led hundreds of mindfulness-based programs for organizations and events. An award-winning author and biographer for yoga master Tao Porchon-Lynch, she was selected as World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, and has been a Discussion Leader for the Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. For more, go to https://teresakayabakennedy.com/


Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy was a researcher at Harvard Business School groomed in analytical thinking and the use of best practices. Therefore, our Power Living system of transformation is anchored in three proven processes:

  1. To help our clients fine-tune their life vision, build self-awareness and cultivate deep belief, we anchor our practices in mindfulness and positive psychology and use evidence-based approaches to self-inquiry such as meditation, visualization, coaching and journaling.
  2. To assure success, we focus on the aggregation of marginal gains making a small 1% improvement every day toward an overarching goal versus one big radical change with the hope it will stick. Making systematic tweeks to your habits while applying the skill of mindful noticing can have a significant impact over time and help develop a growth mindset.
  3. For ongoing motivation and support, we layer in community. With digital technology, you now have access to a growing global network of like-minded people who seek to live authentic, fully-expressed lives.


Join us for A Course in Power Living®

From May 5, 2024 - June 23, 2024

Receive the support you deserve:

  • 7 LIVE virtual 90-minute sessions with Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy
  • 3-Day Power Up Your Dreams Virtual Retreat
  • 41 video lessons on wellness and conscious living
  • 12 weeks of email support with motivation and reminders
  • Practice toolkit with meditations, breathing exercises and Yoga for Energy
  • Downloadable workbooks with Reality Check exercises
  • Additional resources such as plant-based recipes, frameworks and lifestyle tips
  • Assessment after each module
  • Mobile app to view the content on-the-go
  • Lifetime access to the digital content
  • Online community to connect with like-minded people

  • Certificate of Completion after successful submission of assessments and final reflection

With direct LIVE training by Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy, the value of this program is over $7,500. Yet, we have a special offer for a limited time.

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  • You feel stuck. You want to transform your current circumstances but you're not sure where to begin. 
  • You're committed. You are willing to take consistent action to live a fully expressed life.
  • You're curious. You want to experience how mind-body practices can help you access higher levels of consciousness and creativity.
  • You want more. You're intrigued by the idea that you can reach higher levels of alignment and gratification.


  • You're content with the status quo. You are comfortable with exactly where you are and don't want to change.
  • You enjoy procrastinating. You are simply not ready and committed to taking action to experience more fulfillment.
  • You want to "go with the flow." You don't want a life vision to guide you. You want to see what life brings you - for good or bad.
  • You have achieved everything you want. What you have done in the past has worked so you will keep doing it. 


A Truly Gifted Teacher & Facilitator

Terri knows exactly how to integrate best practices in positive psychology and coaching with her signature style of inspiration, real-world business expertise and decades of experience with mind-body interventions. She is a truly gifted teacher and facilitator who has a rich toolkit to help clients reach peak performance while remaining balanced. I've worked with her on many occasions when I was President of the Coalition of 100 Black Women - Manhattan Chapter and with my company @Play. Whenever I can, I join her programs and/or book her for events. I know she will deliver every time and I'm looking forward to new courses on her online platform."

Sonia R. Banks, Ph.D., LCP - Author of Silent Agreements & Clinical Psychologist

Positive Life-Changing Force

Terri is a positive life-changing force in our community. She is able to effectively communicate with all ages, genders and ethnic groups. She is certainly a world leader for these times."

Patricia Butts - Former First Lady, Abyssinian Baptist Church

One Of Our Superstar Alumni

"Terri is one of our superstar alumni. She has the intelligence and education to examine the best way to affect her community, the United States of America, and touch peoples lives."

Joshua Rosenthal, MScED - Founder and Director, Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Respected Both Locally And Nationally

"In my 15th Congressional District in New York, Dr. Kennedy has devoted her time to the community with tireless energy. She is respected both locally and nationally as a proponent of health literacy, personal empowerment, and productivity management. She is known for her integrity and vision, as well as hands-on, personable style. I applaud her contributions to our community and nation."

Former Congressman Charles Rangel - 15th District New York

Holistic Approach To Success

Terri and I met when I was the Director of Cultural Health at the American Heart Association in NYC where she was a national speaker and advocate. We did multiple events together for the organization. When I decided to make a career move, she coached me through it. After a few job changes and a foray into entrepreneurship, she is still inspiring me to reach my highest potential. Her emphasis on energy management and breath control has been useful in many stressful situations... I very much appreciate her focus on purpose-driven work and holistic approach to success which I now understand is a lifelong journey. Her Power Living program is a great way to get started."

Sherri Holman, MPH - Public Health Advocate & Entrepreneur



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