Power Living TV

We're back!

We're excited to announce that Power Living TV is back! We started offering content on YouTube in 2011 with affirmations, interviews and event coverage. Then, we got extremely busy on-the-road with Yoga Master Tao Porchon-Lynch and our Elder Dignity advocacy work. We're now back to weekly Power Living segments on YouTube.

Here's Our New Lineup...

A Dose of Power Living

For #MotivationMonday, watch A Dose of Power Living for inspiration, meditation and a coaching call to action. Even if you have received the Dose quote cards in your inbox for the past decade or so, you’ll want to check out this new video version. I've expanded the writing and added a brief tuning in – a two-minute mindful meditation at the end along with the weekly challenge. I want you to put these insights into action and have your own direct experience with the principles.

"T" For The Soul

Once a month, I'll have heartfelt conversations in "T" For The Soul - interviews with interesting and insightful people. This will include a series of sit-downs with my original guru - my mother, Janie Sykes-Kennedy. She was into holistic health and spiritual thought principles very early on - a lot of what I incorporate into Power Living. You'll want to learn from her 85 years of wisdom! I'll also release never-before-seen footage from my travels with my mentor, the late historical icon and yoga master Tao Porchon-Lynch. In the meantime, watch her tribute video

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Take Me There

"Throughout the day,
ask yourself,
"How can I find joy
in this moment?"

- Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy