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40 Days to Power Living®: Think, Eat & Live on Purpose


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Use the power of 40 days to align your life spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, and environmentally so you can craft a purposeful & powerful life. 


40 Days to Power Living®: Think, Eat & Live on Purpose is designed to help you reshape your mind, body and spirit so that you can think, eat and live on Purpose. People around the world, who couldn't easily attend Dr. Terri Kennedy's workshops, were asking her to share these principles - so she put them in this book. It gives you an accelerated version of the Power Living® program thousands have benefited from around the world since 2003. It is designed to help you jumpstart your transformation. Learn how to craft your divinely appointed life... from the inside out.

The ultimate goal is for you to get in the habit of consciousness and action.

Have you ever felt powerless? You can't seem to lose that extra 15 pounds. You're struggling with a health disorder.  The deal you thought was "in-the-bag" just fell through. Your boss passed you over for a prime project. Your two-year-old has turned into a demon-child. Your funds have hit an all-time low. Your mate unilaterally decides to end the relationship. Any one of these scenarios might prompt you to cede your power - turn it over to the situation at hand.

Power Living® is about taking control. It's about self-mastery. It is based on charging and releasing your energy along five key dimensions: spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and environmental. 

We are a society addicted to quick fixes and radical solutions - from diets that eliminate entire food categories to invasive extreme makeovers. No one eating plan or form of exercise will work exactly the same for every body - that's one reason fad diets often fail. Crash dieting and simply changing on the outside will not address self-image issues and poor energy management skills. You may want to lose weight, but is it just the pounds that have to go? You may want to change your job, but will that truly recast your outlook on life? This Practice goes beyond just losing weight and obtaining a new work address.  

It's a process of becoming conscious, moving you toward self-awareness and self-control. It allows you to most effectively work in partnership with the Universe to live your best life possible.

Written by Harvard-trained Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy, you will systematically learn how to implement the Five Principles of Power Living®:

1. Live on Purpose - You will delve deeper into your own values and beliefs, and align your spiritual energy to be fully Present and on Purpose.
2. Tune your Mind to the Positive - You will check your thoughts and language, and learn how to focus your mental energy to create positive manifestations and spur inspiration.
3. Honor Your Body - You will learn the PWR Foods, and "The 7 Rules of PWR Eating," as well as how to exercise, breathe and sleep to maximize your physical energy for peak performance and optimum health.
Be a Humble Warrior - You will practice leading with your heart, and learn how to engage your emotional energy to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and build intimate connections, steady joy and strong faith in your path.
5. Sanctify your Surroundings - You will practice simplicity and specificity, and learn how to detoxify your environmental energy to sustain your flow and support your vision. 

The first week is an overview, where you will use all of the principles in small ways. Then, each week, you'll delve deeper into one principle. Also, at the beginning of each week, you'll receive a set of "Power Moves" - action steps representing the primary habits. Each step builds on the next. At the end of the 40 days, you will have a solid foundation for Power Living®!

The Practice is laid out in a very doable, easy-to-use format. Every day, there are generally two pages to read and a couple of "Reality Check" self-assessment questions to answer.

Some people like to read through the whole book at once and then go back to do the exercises; others follow it day-by-day. Do what works for you. The program gives you the tools to make smart choices so you can make real changes.

For 40 days, devote 15 minutes of your day to this Practice, and you will be rewarded over a lifetime. If you want to be guided in this process in a live virtual program, check out A Course in Power Living®.

Perfect Paperback: 200 pages
Power Living Enterprises, Inc.; 2nd edition (March 26, 2007)
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Self-Help, Health, Spiritual Growth


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