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Power Living® Mini-Escapes: Relaxation Techniques for Any Situation

Audio CD

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Enjoy this guided audio program designed for busy people with 3- to 12-minute "mini-escapes" for instant relaxation for any situation.


Power Living® Mini-Escapes: Relaxation Techniques for Any Situation allows you to charge your energy, achieve peak performance, and most importantly, be Present. Knowing how to maximize your rest and recovery time is one of the key tenets of the Power Living® Practice. Power Living® Mini-Escapes can serve as a guide. The program is appropriate for the corporate environment. Treat yourself, family, friends and employees to the gift of relaxation.

The most highly productive people have a great sense of balance in their lives. They know when to push hard, and when to ease up. They manage their energy as well as their time.

Stress is a part of life; but chronic stress can kill. Whether you are on a crowded train, in a doctor's office, at home, or at work, this program will calm the body and mind. From breath awareness and visualization to meditation and affirmations, these "mini-escapes" can be done seated or standing, with eyes open or closed. The underlying music blends a range of water and chimes with a slow tempo to synch with your heartbeat. 

Guided Audio Relaxation Program - 60 minutes
WITH 10-minute BONUS music track

1: Introduction (2:46)
2: Breath Awareness (3:22)
3: Transformational Breath (5:57)
4: Deep Three-Part Breathing (6:03)
5: Body Scan Relaxation (10:52)
6: Visualization (11:53)
7: Meditation (10:21)
8: Affirmations (6:24)
9: Soothing Sounds (10:05)

Written and produced by Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy, each segment has been tested and shared with thousands around the world at live events. From email testimonials, the audio program itself has been used in various circumstances such as on the daily commute, as a break at work and even during labor! 

Get ready to enjoy an hour of relaxation in mini-bites! 

Publisher: Power Living Enterprises, Inc.

Original Release Date: June 14, 2004

Number of Discs: 1

Written and produced by Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy. Mixed and recorded at Dy-Nas-D Studios. 


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