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20 years of helping people achieve wellness, empowerment and success

Meet Dr. Terri Kennedy

My mission is to help YOU have the clarity and energy to fulfill your destiny so WE ALL can create a world of shared prosperity and experience FLOW: Freedom, Love, Oneness and WisdomTo that end, I provide tools and training to build mental fitness, improve physical wellness, and craft authentic success. I also offer corporate/academic programs on mindful leadership.


A Global Leader in Wellness & Transformation

My passion is to light people up from within so they recognize their own unlimited potential and vitality. I've coached thousands of client-hours and led hundreds of transformational programs across the globe. I also love moderating thought-provoking conversations and have done so at places like the United Nations, the World Government Summit in Dubai and the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Most of all, I'm a student of life - always remaining curious and in awe of the power each and every one of us has to co-create our own realities and positively affect the world. Watch the overview video and find out more at http://www.drterrikennedy.com

Award-Winner Across Disciplines

Received over 20 awards as an entrepreneur, advocate and author ranging from Emerging Entrepreneur by the Social Venture Network and the National Power Award from the American Heart Association to the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for her book Shining Bright

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A Blessed Beginning

Although I am American, I was born in Accra, Ghana and started school in Adelaide, Australia. My parents were pioneers in international communications and relations, working on five continents for over five decades using academia, theatre, and all forms of media to expand minds and train leaders. They knew people like Muhammad Ali, who had a huge influence on my mindset and habits growing up. My mother was also an early proponent of holistic health practices like integrative nutrition, yoga and meditation - so I was groomed for the work I do today.

As a girl, I was a global citizen ready to take on the world.

My Confession

I achieved so many significant goals at a young age:

  • Skipped two grades of school.
  • Youngest in my class at Wellesley College and MBA class at Harvard
  • Youngest Research Associate on staff at Harvard Business School
  • Creative Consultant for Universal Studios under Lew Wasserman
  • Founded VH1 Interactive and the [email protected] Radio Network
  • Youngest Vice President at MTV Networks negotiating multimillion dollar deals and managing partnerships with entities like Microsoft, Yahoo!, AOL and Intel

BUT my approach to work and life was not sustainable and my success came at a cost. My body didn't like my workaholic lifestyle and kicked in an autoimmune response. I couldn't hold down food and eventually even liquids.

In 1997, I almost died. 

Then, I dove deeply into what made the human body, brain and spirit thrive and dedicated my career to helping others transform.

The Result?

More authentic work and life as a socially-conscious entrepreneur:

  • Became certified in Yoga, Personal Training, Lifestyle & Weight Management, Holistic Health Counseling and Professional Coaching
  • Founded 1st yoga studio in Harlem, the Ta Yoga House
  • Led hundreds of transformational programs around the world
  • Selected as World Economic Forum Young Global Leader
  • Became protege/biographer for yoga master Tao Porchon-Lynch;
    co-authored two award-winning books and did 66 events together
  • Featured in 2017 Athleta "Power of She" campaign

My successes are more meaningful and joyful. 

My Unique Expertise...

I train people in a conscious approach to living well integrating the latest research in positive psychology, neuroscience and quantum mechanics with coaching, integrative nutrition and mind-body practices such as yoga and meditation. I believe in our innate ability to heal, create and be fully expressed. My mentor Tao was an example of that vibrant embodied energy and it served her well for 101 years.


It's self-mastery and optimal living informed by wisdom practices and science.

"How can you
surrender into
your power?"

- Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy

Ways We Can Co-Create

Coaching / Training

I've coached thousands of client-hours and have trained in all kinds of settings - corporate, government, non-profit, academia and faith-based communities - both in-person and virtual.

Speaking / Moderating

From the United Nations and the World Government Summit in Dubai to the Estee Lauder Global Breast Cancer Awareness event in Chile, I deliver messages to motivate and inform audiences.

Media Contributing

From offering commentary on TV or podcast to contributing to an article, I can share expertise on wellness, mindfulness, entrepreneurship, success, leadership, women's empowerment and more.  

Reach out and let's create a transformative experience.

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What Others Are Saying...

"In my 15th Congressional District in New York, Dr. Kennedy has devoted her time to the community with tireless energy. She is respected both locally and nationally as a proponent of health literacy, personal empowerment, and productivity management. She is known for her integrity and vision, as well as hands-on, personable style. I applaud her contributions to our community and nation."

Former Congressman Charles Rangel - 15th District New York

"Terri Kennedy has worked with the Congressional Black Caucus Health Empowerment Tour in my Congressional District in Brooklyn, and her efforts have made a lasting impact on the community."

Former Congressman Edolphus Towns - 10th District New York

"Dr. Kennedy has been a role model for healthy living - a leader of Harlem’s Healthy Living Initiative."

Lloyd A. Williams - President & CEO, The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce

"Terri really understands the issues around Health & Productivity Management. She delivers an engaging and informative message, and she’s a delight to work with."

Rachel Permuth-Levine, Ph.D. - Former Deputy Director, Office of Strategic & Innovative Programs, National Institutes of Health

"Teresa has a keen understanding of the stresses associated with our business, having served as Vice President for MTV and VH1, and this connection resonated with our employees."

Nikole Thomas - CoBEX, Macy’s East Corporate

"Terri is one of our superstar alumni. She has the intelligence and education to examine the best way to affect her community, the United States of America, and touch peoples lives."

Joshua Rosenthal, MScED - Founder and Director, Institute of Integrative Nutrition

"Terri is a positive life-changing force in our community. She is able to effectively communicate with all ages, genders and ethnic groups. She is certainly a world leader for these times."

Patricia Butts - First Lady, Abysinnian Baptist Church & Board of Directors, American Heart Association Founders Affiliate

"It a rare occurrence for our youth to think of their futures in positive, productive ways, and your Young PWR Brokers program was a very special opportunity for them and our agency as a whole."

Michael Loften, Ed,M. - Director Youth and Adult Education, Broadway Housing Communities

"Terri is a bright light. As Chair of Yoga Alliance, she led with integrity and great devotion."

Srivatsa Ramaswami, E-RYT - Yoga Master 

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